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For the most decadent chocolate desserts and confections, you should use the finest quality, premium cocoa powders. Also used our unsweetened cocoa powders – Natural ,Alkalised Cocoa Powder and Black Cocoa Powder, the latter used largely for colour rather than flavour. It is great for those deep rich devil’s food and blackout cakes and really dark, dark, rich chocolate ice cream. Cocoa solids are one of the richest sources of key ingredient of chocolate, chocolate syrup, and chocolate confections.

Dairycity convertedCocoa Powderinto Chocolate premix, Drinking Chocolate Premix, Cadbury and all bakery products.

Item Natural Cocoa Powder Lightly Alkalized Powder
Color Light Brown Brown
Moisture 5% max 5% max
Fat 10 – 12% 10 -12%
PH 5.8 – 6.3 6.3 – 6.5

Shelf Life : 24 months from the date of manufacturing.

Packaging : 25 kg poly-lined, multi-walled kraft paper bags or 5 kg cartons. We are also launching a retail line of 500 gms and 1kg.

Application : Chocolate, Wafer, Biscuit, Cookies, Candy, Ice-cream, Confectionary, Bakery, Sweets, Flavoring